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Enrolling in the CCUSA Tax Service is a simple process.
  1. Select and download the Enrollment Documents that pertain to the season you worked in the USA.
  2. Complete the Contract and Power of Attorney and return these to the CCUSA Tax office.
  3. Once the CCUSA Tax Service receives your W-2 form(s), complete the Tax Service Questionnaire
Once we have all your paperwork, your tax return will be submitted.  It couldn’t be any easier! If you have any other questions regarding the enrollment process, please check the FAQs on this page.

Enrollment Documents

Enrollment FAQs

Since these are legal documents, we must have originals. Please POST these documents to us at our address:

CCUSA Tax Service
901 E Street, Suite 300
San Rafael, CA 94901

Be sure to send us the original documents you have downloaded.
No. You do not need to worry about payment now. Once we receive your documents, we will send you a link to prepay for your tax filing
  1. We receive your ‘contract’ and your ‘power of attorney’.
  2. In January/February we receive a W2 form from each employer for whom you worked.
  3. When we receive a W2 form, we contact you via email with our tax questionnaire.
  4. We receive your responses to our tax questionnaire. If we have all the W2 forms (one from each of your employers), we file your tax paperwork with the government. (If we do not have all your W2 forms, we must wait to receive them before proceeding further.)
  5. We file your taxes with the government tax authorities.
You need to complete two documents: 1) the CCUSA Tax Service ‘contract’ and 2) the CCUSA Tax Service ‘power of attorney’. Download the tax service enrollment package under “Enrollment Documents” that pertains to your program and year. Each file contains both the forms you will need.
This is an official document whereby you give the CCUSA Tax Service certain limited powers or rights. The IRS requires a power of attorney in all cases where someone other than you files your tax return. By signing this form, you give the attorney-in-fact (that’s us) the right to act on your behalf and do two things: file your tax return and accept your tax refund check. It does not give the CCUSA Tax Service any rights other than those specified above and it is revocable by you at any time you wish before we file your tax return.

901 E Street, Suite 300
San Rafael, CA 94901
+1 800-277-8062
+1 415-339-2739

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